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Castor oil – 50 ml


Castor oil – 50 ml

This oil is used externally to strengthen nails, hair and eyelashes. Perfect for treating dry, devitalized , split , brittle or frizzy , it will also promote growth

Process for obtaining : Cold pressing followed by filtration to remove ricin ( compound naturally present in the seed toxic )

Part of the extracted plant : seed

botanical name : Ricinus communis

botanical family : Euphorbiac

Quality : 100 % pure and natural

Origin : Tunisia

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Oils Mixture For Dry Hair


Oils Mixture For Dry Hair – 50ml

Description: You can not stand the condition of your hair anymore? Are they dry, brittle or damaged?
Give them a cure of vegetable oils and essential oils to give them all their suppleness and shine naturally! These oils are stuffed with beneficial properties for the hair. Each of the vegetable oils used is able to penetrate and nourish the hair from the root to the tips, in such a way that it succeeds in bringing to the hair the proteins necessary to nourish and repair it.
Ingredients: coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, olive oil, essential ylang ylang, natural fragrance without allergenic neroli, vitamin E

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Shea Chantilly


Some information to know about shea butter, its properties and its use …

INGREDIENT: Shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil, natural vanilla fragrance, vitamin E.

Net Weight: 55g

Shea butter as after-sun:
Thanks to its exceptional moisturizing properties, shea butter is an excellent product to soothe sunburn and to accelerate their healing. Always take with you on vacation.

Shea butter for your face care:
Time and external aggressions (wind, cold, sun, pollution) can harm your  skin, it becomes tired, dehydrates and dries. This promotes in the long term the appearance of wrinkles and the collapse of the face.
The application of the shea butter makes it possible to combat this dehydration and preserves to the skin its suppleness and its elasticity.
Beyond a simple moisturizing treatment, shea butter is in this framework a true care of natural and organic beauty.

Shea butter for your hair:
The hair is also affected by the external aggressions we have just mentioned.
The shea butter hair mask is a great way to nourish and moisturize the hair. They thus regain vigor and brilliance.

Gentlemen, it concerns you …

Shea butter after shaving:
Shaving causes what is called “razor burn”.
The skin can become red, irritated and be subject to micro-cuts. The end result is dehydration of the epidermis. It can be seen very well if nothing is done to rehydrate the skin because once the fire of the razor has decreased, one observes a dry skin, slightly bleached.
Shea butter is a very good natural after-shave, just apply the product on the skin after shaving.

Shea butter for the protection of your lips:
In winter the lips are subjected to hard trial. The physical manifestation is the appearance of the famous lips chapped, both unsightly and sometimes painful.
Apply shea butter to the lips before leaving in the morning. It will form a protective film on the skin of your lips and you will be protected for the day.

Shea butter against stretch marks:
Stretch marks are a very feminine ailment that often appear on the occasion of pregnancy. It is of course very poorly placed and quite unsightly.
Shea butter, through its action on the skin allows to fight against the stretch marks. It should be noted that the action would be more preventive than curative. So in case of pregnancy or diet, consider massaging body parts sensitive to the appearance of stretch marks with shea butter, and this from the beginning of your pregnancy or your diet.
Of course the use of shea butter is not limited to the face and hair. You can apply it to these traditionally dry areas in women such as arms, hands and legs.
Shea also has a soothing effect on skins damaged by psoriasis and eczema, small “bobos”, itching associated with fungal infections, wounds that lead to the formation of small crusts as for example in the nose when We blow a lot, and used through a soap, it is a cleanser most suitable for the intimate toilet

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Solid Shampoo Dry Hair


Solid Shampoo Dry Hair

Net weight: 56g: between 1 month and 1 month and a half use for 3 shampoo per week.

Your solid shampoo is sulphate-free, silicone-free, lauryn-free and preservative-free!
It is super convenient: Just wet the scalp, then rub it to make it lather, you massage as with the classic Shampoo and finally rinse. It is ayurvedic plants, rich in antioxidants that slow down hair loss while bringing shine. The product will have no harmful effect on the hair or the scalp. It is best not to use a post shampoo, but rather an oil on the tips by brushing them.

– An excellent duo with our dry hair serum either on the tips every day if you have dry spikes or on the scalp in oil bath before washing them.

– Property: Nourishes and promotes hair growth with argan oil and castor oil, slows hair loss by bringing shine and very practical to carry in your travels, gym or elsewhere!

– Ingredient: ayurvedic plants, argan oil. Castor oil.

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Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 270ml


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Organic 270ml

Highly regarded for its protective properties , softening and emollient to the skin, this exotic oil with paradise smell, can also be used on the hair to give them shine and strength . It is also fabulous in the kitchen!

Méthode d’extraction : Pression à froid
SAP NaOH : 0,1780
SAP KOH : 0,2510
Requis HLB: 6-7
Durée de vie: 1 an


  • 100% pure, naturelle and bio.



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